Wilmington Academy – Careers Workshop

First Class Education Solutions will be attending Wilmington Academy to conduct a Careers Workshop on the 10th of April!

First Class Education recognise that students are our future and we are committed to working with and providing them with as much guidance as possible. We aim to give students the information which will help them to begin mapping out their careers. Our workshops provide high quality interview and careers guidance based on our real- life understanding of recruitment and apprenticeships. The workshops provide students with the all important preparation skills and techniques needed to help them build their careers and secure their dream job offer.

First Class Education aims to inspire young people, to raise their aspirations, and broaden their horizons. Our career workshops are fun and fast paced, introducing students to different careers and options available for their future in the working world. First Class Education aim to showcase the amazing and wide variety of career paths available to them.

Our career workshops are shaped by and based on detailed knowledge.We bring our years of both teaching and recruitment experience to our career workshops, as well as the information we have gathered from employers. We have an in-depth understanding of employers requirements and what they look for when employing new staff. 

Our career workshops are always very popular and we can’t wait to meet the students of Wilmington Academy!