Why Teachers Shouldn’t Ignore the Benefits of Learning Through Play According to the CEO of LEGO

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In this article, John Goodwin (CEO of the LEGO Foundation) makes an interesting argument for the importance of encouraging children to learn through playing and how this can benefit education. 

According to the CEO of the corporate giant, as our society has advanced into an age where digital has taken over and technology has found its way into the classroom, education strategies have failed to keep up. He argues that whilst the rest of the world adjusts to the tech age post-education, we are not doing enough to prepare the future generations and youngest minds of our society for how to deal with the challenges of the future and adapt to them.

One key solution in John Goodwin’s eyes is to encourage children to learn through play. Whilst this may have been a suggestion that was laughed at in times gone by, today it has an increasing amount of support from experts and specialists. Goodwin makes a comparison between the skills that some of the world’s biggest companies such as Google look for in their candidates (communication, collaboration, an ability to create insights into others and empathise with them) and the skills that children pick up simply by interacting and playing with their peers, saying that the similarities cannot and should not be ignored.

Through encouraging children to learn through play, Goodwin suggests that we would be promoting creativity as a tool that is invaluable at every stage of life, not only in childhood. Our society has developed in such a way that squashes creative talent and creative thinking and replaced it with a set of rules that dictate how we must think, behave and communicate with the world around us, something that LEGO Foundation’s CEO argues there isn’t room for in a world that is advancing at the pace and in the way that ours is.

What John Goodwin has to say about the way in which children should be taught and encouraged to learn is something that undoubtedly causes controversy and sparks debate amongst parents and professionals alike. If you would like to read more about Goodwin’s argument for the role of play in teaching children vital life skills, head to the article.

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