We Need To Equip Teachers

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This article discusses the importance of making sure teachers are fully equipped for their roles with all the technology and research to support their methods. A new movement set up at the University College London aims to help educators get access and use these tools that will improve their techniques.

The Age of Tech is no longer a futuristic storyline from a dystopian novel, and we’re all trying to keep up with the speed at which it is moving. One of the areas for which it is vital that the utmost support and guidance is given when it comes to technology, is of course Education. Technology can be an incredibly powerful education tool, but it is essential that educators are fully equipped to use it properly.

The research supporting the efficacy of technology in education is present, but the issue remains as to how this research can be made accessible to teachers, how they can be expected to read and interpret it, let alone put it into practice. In response to this issue, EDUCATE is a movement that has been initiated at UCL. EDUCATE is a mentoring system where teachers and educators can receive support on ed-tech research-based techniques.

There is evidence that throughout the education sector, technology is being embraced. It is being used to create timetables, deliver lessons and communicate with parents which is very positive news. In order for the UK to remain ed-tech leader we need to equip our teachers and guide them through development and this is where EDUCATE comes in.

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