UK Government pledges more support to new teachers

The Government Department for Education has put a new programme in place to provide more support to teachers at the start of their career. As a teaching supply agency, First Class Education understand the importance of such support so we couldn’t be happier to be sharing this news with you.

A report into the quality of teacher training has revealed that 91% of new teachers starting their careers this back-to-school season feel fully equipped to deliver high standards of teaching. Feeling positive about the level of support that these young teachers can offer to their pupils is vital as they start their careers. All teachers should feel confident in their ability to teach and should feel supported by other experienced members of staff as well as the education system as a whole.

It is therefore no surprise that recent action by the UK Government and Department for Education has been received positively by everyone including us at First Class Education.

The project, known as “Accelerate” targets 1,500 teachers who have been selected based on assessment that revealed them to be most likely to benefit. It aims to provide specialist coaching and informed content from which new teachers can gather support and guidance. As well as this, practice communities are available to teachers involved in the project so that new teachers can speak to experienced members of the teaching world. The overarching goal of the project is to ensure that new teachers are given sufficient support that enables them to manage their workload whilst simultaneously being able to learn and develop their teaching skills.

In recent weeks we saw the Education Secretary confirm an investment of £508 million to fund an increase in teacher pay by 3.5%, so this additional promise of extra support for new teachers is welcomed with open arms. The last few years have seen an increase in highly qualified individuals becoming teachers, with almost 20% of new teachers for the September 2018 intake having gained first class degrees at University.

All of this is highly encouraging if slightly overdue. At First Class Education we have worked hard to gain ourselves a reputation of being a supportive teaching supply agency that offers guidance and specialist education recruitment advice to all of our candidates. We understand the importance of making sure that all teachers feel equipped and confident in their abilities to inspire young minds, so we’re thrilled at this recent news.

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