Top 5 tips to survive the first week back at school

At First Class Education Solutions we know that getting back into the swing of your teaching routine can be a bit of a shock to the system after a relaxing school holiday. We have therefore put this list together detailing how teachers can approach their first week back.

1. Pick out what you’re going to wear and pack your bag every night for the first week ready for the next morning. This will take a lot of the stress out of the morning rush and you can feel less guilty for hitting the snooze button.

2. Food is so important for the first week back. I don’t know about you, but my body after the Christmas break is always full of roast dinners, chocolate and crisps. Consequently, I have been lounging around in a food coma for the whole two weeks. So, for the first week back it is so vital that we get that extra boost from our food. More veg, healthy proteins and some fresh flavours like lemon or spice should not only wake up our taste buds, but also help remove the toothpicks holding my eyelids up.

3. Smile. I know, nobody is smiling on Monday morning. However, there are some students who didn’t have a great break and are coming to school with not very nice memories of the holidays. Your smile could change them. You are the stability, safety and heart they need.

4. Encouragement is so important this time of year. Not only for your students but also for yourself. Nobody likes January, it’s cold, everyone is broke from Christmas and New Years and its dark almost all of the time. So, one cold January Saturday, I would recommend either searching on the internet for quotes that speak to you or if you’re creative (like me) go all crafty and create a vision board of encouragement for yourself (when I mean crafty, I mean cutting and sticking). Make sure that everything you pick out means something to you, otherwise it’d not going to work.

5. Enjoy it. I will take the moment here to remind you that you are doing one of the most selfless jobs on planet earth. You are imparting knowledge and sharing what you know to students who will intern use the gift in whatever capacity to change their lives and the world. This week, you may not feel it, but something you say this week could literally change the world. Isn’t that amazing? There are not many jobs where you can change the world with just your words or actions, so make sure you make it a good one this week. You’ve got this!

First Class Education Solutions wishes all teachers and teaching staff a pleasant start back to their school routine.