Top 10 Signs That You Are A Great Teacher

As a Teaching Supply Agency, First Class Education value each of our candidates as individuals who work incredibly hard to fulfil a vital role. As such we understand the importance of reminding them just how important they are, and give them the credit that they deserve. Here is a (rather comical) list of signs to show our teachers that they’re doing a fantastic job.


    1.  1. You see each child as a child, and not a diagnosis


    1.  2. You see your class as individuals, not as a drawer full of case files


    1.  3. You keep your sense of humour against all odds


    1.  4. You deal with upset children, clueless administrators and pushy parents with grace and dignity


    1.  5. You’re not afraid to be flexible and creative


    1.  6. You know when to make a stand and when to choose your battles


    1.  7. You consider parents to be allies, not enemies


    1.  8. You never give anybody any doubts as to why you went into teaching


    1.  9. You love your job, and it shows everyday


  1.  10. Your students love you too.


If  you’re a great teacher looking for a teaching supply agency to assist you in finding your next job role, please get in touch!