The importance of school workshops

We know that school workshops are something everyone looks forward to, from teachers to students! Getting into the swing of things with winter around the corner can be a bit challenging, but that doesn’t mean fun and exciting activities have to stop. So, how does getting out of the classroom setting without sacrificing the education sound? This is why workshops are a win-win!

We have been conducting school workshops across London, making sure that both teachers and students get the most out of our available resources. Plus, school workshops have massive advantages for everyone that gets involved. Here are some of the benefits (and some of our favourite things!) about workshops.

#1 Fun ways to introduce new topics

There is a school workshop for just about any topic – whether it’s a classic educational workshop, like CV writing and nutrition workshops, or a more creative one like art therapy! It is one of the best ways to introduce a new topic. The routine change is already out of the ordinary, creating some excitement around the new topic being introduced. From here on, keeping the workshop interesting will make sure that students stay engaged with the topics!

#2 It will involve all learning styles

The great thing about school workshops is that they make sure to involve every student in fun activities! Taking all abilities and capabilities into account is what makes a workshop inclusive, and thus, making it more effective for everyone that is involved. Allowing a topic to be explored in different ways of learning will translate the importance of the topic.

#3 Doing something out of the ordinary

As we have mentioned, getting to do something out of your routine increases excitement and productivity. Whilst teachers always aim to make each lesson and topic as interactive as possible, the repetition of the same school day routine can sometimes become monotonous for students. Having fun activities planned every once in a while can break this habit, and ensure that not only students and staff are engaged during a school workshop, but they go back to their normal setting feeling refreshed.

#4 Reintroducing teaching for teachers

A great teacher’s love for teaching never stops, but we also know that when one is a teacher, learning is a big part of the process. A great way to bring a teacher back to the core of education is to put them in that setting again because doing something every day can make you miss out on a few things! This will allow teachers to have a more critical mind and reintroduce new teaching techniques.

Our school workshops are tailored to every school and every ability. So don’t worry about having to plan a whole workshop on your own! We bring the plan and the excitement along with tailored resources for teachers and students. Find out more about our workshops or contact us directly!