The importance of caring within teacher recruitment.

Charlotte Allen is a fully qualified teacher, SEA champion, autism specialist, and now a valuable part of the First Class Education team. Teacher recruitment was a natural career progression for her due to her passion for education. Working within our wonderful workshops and helping out with recruitment, Charlotte also has the best insight into teacher training and working within different types of schools.

The other week the guys told me that I was going to help in one of our client nurseries. I won’t lie, I panicked a little.

I, a fully qualified secondary teacher, who now works in an office, will be going to do a full 9 hour shift at a Nursery. I was nervous, apprehensive but determined not to let anyone in my team down and the nursery down. The FCE brand and first impressions on both sides would be down to me.

I turned up and was given a uniform and shown where everything was. My heart was starting to beat through my chest and my nervous butterflies had my stomach in knots. I was to be assisting in the baby room and the moment they introduced me to the team and the kids my fears subsided, and a beaming smile graced upon my face. I started to play ‘peek a boo’ with the kids and just got on with it.

In the end, there was no need for the in trepidation that I was feeling. The nursery setting was very well run and with wonderfully, warming staff. The staff I should imagine are very much used to see agency staff but they never made me feel like an ‘outsider’ or ‘like I didn’t belong’ and once I told them that I actually was the agency who worked in the office they were honestly stunned.

‘We’ve never had the actually agency staff here before and you’re a teacher!’

Here at FCE Solutions this for us, is what makes us different. We want to KNOW.

We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, step out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves. We want to get to know our clients on a personal level. How can we, as a solutions company, offer our clients solutions to their recruitment issues if we have no idea what it’s like to work within the establishment. Equally, how can an education establishment trust us to provide them with quality candidates and any other issues they may have if they don’t know anything about us or what we’re about. We want them to know about us as a person and as a company.

I have now done 3 full shifts at the nursery in both the baby room and toddler room, as well as, a full day as a SEN TA at an ASD school. One of the Senior Consultants also joined me for one of the Nursery shifts too.

Primarily, the experience has shown me what a typical day is like for our candidates and equally for our clients. I was there when a candidate from another agency didn’t show up and how much of a stretch it but the nursery under. I was there when a worker got vomit all over them. I was also there when the nursery had all staff present and accounted for and the relief on their faces, and when one of our candidates was offered a job after only 1 day for doing such a grand job. I wanted to know how our client and candidates work, day to day.

Secondly, it reminded me why I was working in the education sector. Those kids at the Nursery and SEN school, no matter what was going on in my life, made me smile. Their energy and thirst to play, learn and engage with the environment and adults around them was so encouraging. This sector is often demonised and held overly accountable in the media. It’s no wonder why people are no longer seeing education as a viable or progressive career option. Although, as I have said before people who go into education are selfless people, always putting others before themselves. They do everything in their power to make sure that those children can become fully independent young people with their own sense of knowing and intelligence. That is beyond admirable and something that we should all salute. The staff I met on my travels whether permanent, part time or agency staff all had a common passion in working with the children and that passion is what sets us all aside. I wanted to know why they did the work they do and get to know them personally.

This is what sets us apart. Knowing is key, knowing is courteous and we want to keep learning in order to know.