Teaching preparation for 2019/2020

Shutting the gates on the 2018/19 school year

As another school year ends, teachers and students across the UK will be taking their well-deserved break. This is the time of year when planning lessons, checking homework and thinking about students is at the back of everyone’s minds. Teachers, support staff and supply teachers play an essential role in developing student’s knowledge and confidence, therefore a good rest is a must!

Enjoy the summer months, recharge the batteries, kick back and gradually prepare for the upcoming school calendar year.

The joys and perceptions of teaching

The teaching community is impactful and powerful, rendering the industry hugely rewarding to work in as every day focuses on shaping the next generation. However, the job comes with a lot of challenges and can often be very demanding.

It is perceived that as students go home at the end of the day, teachers follow behind, clock off for the night and close the schoolyard gates for the evening. With many passing comments expressing how lucky teachers are to only work within school hours… If only this were true!

Preparing for the year ahead

With the start of every school year comes a revised curriculum, which requires new assessments, refreshed programmes, revitalised teaching methods and a lot of pre-planning.

As children’s educational demands continuously change, teachers must regularly adapt to the revised standards and expectations. Educational professionals are required to keep on top of any new course developments to deliver practical and effective curriculum throughout the entire school year.

Educators and support staff work long hours, with the added requirement of reviewing homework, marking assessments and preparing lessons plans following the end of each school day. This added workload can impact and restrain any spare time made available to teachers for further skill development.

While summer breaks are an important time to catch up on rest, it can be the only time made available for teachers to expand their knowledge, expertise and skill set. There are many opportunities for educators to take up extra courses and workshops throughout the summer period, allowing teachers a chance to refresh their strategies, whilst also experiencing the different perspectives within the educational industry.

First Class Education offers bespoke solutions and training opportunities to assist teachers in continually adapting to the ever-changing industry standards. Teachers and support staff should confidently be able to prepare and deliver lesson plans without the stress, worry or concern of meeting changes made to the curriculum.

View First Class Education’s tailored courses to see how you and your colleagues can get best prepared for the coming school year.