Teacher Recruiters: Here to remind you why we love teaching

First Class Education Solutions have been recruiting teachers into our partner schools with over 20 years of experience. We never miss a step in the teacher recruitment process, from getting the top qualifiers, to the training, to your first day at school (as a teacher, of course!).

We have become acquainted with the the process of recruiting teachers into the most suitable schools, but we are often so busy making sure that teachers and schools get the best experience with us, that we forget about what we love about teaching! We like to remind ourselves that teaching is one of the best professions you could go into. So here are your reminders, from the recruiters that make teaching all the more fun, to those who can’t wait to settle into their new classroom.

Many teachers have looked to progress down the teaching path, and with good reason, with all the benefits that come from teacher.

Is there a more rewarding job? Shaping pupils into the future and inspiring the youth of today to take on the world. Learning maths and English are only some of the things children learn in schools. One of the key beginning stages of a child’s development is when they first start going to school, where teachers are able to impart their wisdom, as well as teach the ABCs. We don’t get to be in the classroom with you, nonetheless we know the feeling as teacher recruiters, that helping someone shape their future is invaluable.

Everyone is so friendly! The teachers, the pupils, the class hamster. We know that it can’t be a never ending playground all the time, yet everyone still seems to have the spirit to make you smile even on those 9am Monday classrooms. First Class Education have perfected the teacher recruitment process by allowing our candidates to get friendly and supportive services to support them through the placement process and throughout their placement. There won’t be a day without smiles in our classrooms!

We will always need a teacher. The stability of a teaching career won’t be found anywhere else, you can take your career with you wherever you go, from city to city, to country to country. With more schools being built across the country, finding a perfect teaching school may not prove as hard as other jobs. Of course there is nothing better than teaching in a London school, but of course, we can’t blame you for wanting to explore the wonders of the world – and teach while you’re at it!

With creativity and passion, the job never becomes boring. Whilst you do most of the teaching, you realise that there are lessons that you can only learn from being a teacher. From knowing how to fix every playground injury, to having superhuman brain power in order to remember hundreds of unique names and personalities.

Getting home at 5pm is almost unheard of in the adult world. With the ideal working day, especially if you have children yourself, you can see how a 4pm finish might appeal to everyone. But have we talked about the summer holidays yet? It’s something that some only dream of. But you, you can spend your days relaxing in the sun.

Make sure that you have recruiters that are always looking out for you. At First Class Education Solutions, not only do we see that teachers are recruited into the best schools, have the appropriate qualifications and training, but that schools look out for and care for teachers as well.

There is never a bad time to remember the reasons teaching is the best career you could choose. We definitely think so. Let First Class Education Solutions remind you of the love for the job, and of course, don’t hesitate to get in touch when you want to be a part of it!