3 Books on SEN teaching to read in 2019

Special educational needs (SEN) teaching books have taken a significant step in 2019, providing teachers and educators with well thought out and researched insights into the modern world of SEN teaching. First Class Education never miss a chance to make sure that teachers everywhere can access and learn about new resources that will help them inspire and perfect their SEN teaching methods, goals, and strategies.

Every once in a while comes a day where teachers and educators everywhere get excited about one of the many things we have in common! National Book Day 2019 is fast approaching and is uniting all book lovers to share and explore each other’s favourite books.

SEN books for teachers

Whilst we all enjoy the occasional romance book, SEN teaching books are without a doubt some of our favourites, always making sure we keep an open mind to new teaching techniques and strategies.

As SEN champions, FCE encourages teacher development in this area of education, keeping up to date on techniques and strategies for working with SEN pupils is essential to ensure every pupil is included in classroom activities. With the number of special educational needs (SEN) pupils increasing from 1,244,255 in January 2017 to 1,276,215 in January 2018, SEN strategy awareness is vital.

3 Books every SEN teacher should read in 2019

We find that most resources for SEN teaching are fantastic, amongst those are the books that allow us to discover more about how to ensure all disabilities are included in the classroom. Here are the 3 books we believe every teacher should read in 2019 to up their SEN strategy:

#1 – 101 Inclusive and SEN English Lessons: Fun Activities and Lesson Plans for Children Aged 3 – 11 by Kate Bradley and Claire Brewer

Bradley and Brewer gained inspiration for this publication from seeing the lack of inclusivity on the current national curriculum, whereby SEN pupils had their dedicated curriculum as opposed to different teaching approaches.

This book gives a multitude of approaches that can be used in the classroom for various disabilities and is part of a series, also including “101 Inclusive and SEN Maths Lessons: Fun Activities and Lesson Plans for Children.”

#2 – The Teacher’s Guide to SEN by Natalie Packer

Packer takes a holistic approach to SEN teaching, outlining the responsibilities of teaching with SEN, what SEN teachers are likely to encounter, and giving tips and ideas to be applied within a classroom. It is ready to inspire those that are new to SEN teaching, while also offering a refresher for those with experience by discussing some original and well-researched approaches.

#3 – Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Autism Spectrum, Tourette’s, Anxiety, and More!: The one-stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals

Kinglsey creates an all-in-one guide, from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder to autistic spectrum disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, sensory integration problems and executive dysfunction. Behavioural strategies are included to help with the symptoms that are present for any of these behavioural disorders.

Looking for more SEN support?

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