Our Solutions for Schools

It’s no secret that schools face major challenges from funding to staff recruitment and retention.  We realise that too often the solutions deployed are at best a “sticking plaster”, and this is especially true in responding to the absent teacher crisis.  The average number of days lost per teacher in 2017-2018 due to sickness in all schools was 9.3 days – more than 3 days per school term.

Our solutions for your school are built on our knowledge, experience and insight into these challenges. Managing staff absence and teacher turnover and retention has to be premised on allowing a child’s learning to continue seamlessly.  We do not provide “sticking plaster” solutions for schools, we aim to provide teachers who can challenge and inspire and drive learning forwards.

We know you want a supply or temporary teacher to be as effective in the classroom as is possible, but what can we do to ensure they are?

We work hard to give our teachers the best possible chance of succeeding every time they enter a classroom.  This typically includes as much background information as possible on the school including Ofsted reports, relevant curriculum information and so on and so forth.  We also encourage our schools to be as generous with their own information about specific classes and any particular issues of which we should be aware.  We are also trying to establish a “buddy” system in our schools to break down the isolation that a supply teacher can experience.

Supply teachers are an essential part of school life, just as locums are in a general medical practice.  But there the comparison breaks down.  The locum GP deals with one patient at a time and has access to all medical records.  The supply teacher will meet typically 5 classes of up to 30 in a day.

We specialise in placing individuals into teaching positions throughout Secondary, Primary and SEN and can also help with other roles including admin staff. For our Compliance and Vetting Procedures document please click here.  

We now also provide fully-funded training in Leadership and Management up to Level 5 designed to support ambitious teachers with leadership ambition and potential, whether it’s to be year leader, head of department, or middle and senior management.

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