Nutrition & Exercise Workshop

Exploring a physically healthy lifestyle through nutrition workshops.

First Class Education are dedicated to finding solutions for schools and helping schools and kids learn the right information and techniques for healthy development into their teens and adulthood. Health and nutrition is one of of core workshops and something First Class Educations believes is an essential in all schools.

This fun nutrition workshop is delivered by a qualified PE teacher, who uses a variety of workshop games and activities that will get all the kids involved, and most importantly, spread the message of healthy eating and the importance of exercising. Although this nutrition workshop is physically led, the school will be provided with customised resources after a phase of discovery of what the children need the most.

A healthy lifestyle is at the core of children’s learning development. Nutrition and exercise plays a major role in leading a healthy lifestyle, affecting physical, mental and emotional health. It is particularly important to make sure that this message is translated to the kids in a key stage of their development as these are the habits that often carry on into their teens and adulthood.

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