Now We’re in the Digital Age, Does Writing by Hand Matter?

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This week, we’re sharing an article that discusses the interesting debate around the importance of writing by hand for children. Is it something that we’re going to see fade into the past as we move further and further into the Digital Age?

The importance of hand writing is something that every person reading this, teacher or otherwise, has had to learn how to do. We can all remember being told to write out line after line of dictation and writing exercises so that we could perfect our best joined up handwriting. But nowadays with the increasing use of technology in education, is writing by hand going to lose out?

There is research to suggest that writing by hand is an essential skill that can embed learning and encourage students to undergo more in-depth information processing. This has been shown to increase recall abilities and general understanding of material too. However, the argument for use of technology still stands too as it can encourage interaction with other classmates where hand writing may not do so.

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