Meet the Management

Diletta Doto is the founder and managing director of FCE. Throughout her career in education and recruitment as a financial manager and director, she brings 100% commitment and passion to what she does. As she says, “for me, it’s the only way to achieve success.”

She also maintains a focus throughout the company on positive social values — to try and make a real difference to people’s lives. Her track record speaks for itself and she wants to engage with people who want to combine success with doing things right, whether commercially or in helping other people, especially the young.

Alongside her business, Diletta is the founder and driving force behind “We Will Be Heard”, an about-to-be launched initiative aiming to give young people a voice and a platform to bring an end to bullying, as well as supporting vital initiatives in healthy eating and increased participation in sports.


Peter Cobrin heads up the education and training programmes at FCE. His career has encompassed journalism, IT and education having entered teaching in 1981. He has been actively involved in all aspects of education and training policy since 2003, including working on major government projects under the Building Schools for the Future programme.  Since 2010 he has been engaged in all aspects of apprenticeship training,  and careers guidance.  However, as he always says, his first love is still working with schools to try and make a positive difference.

Peter is working alongside Diletta on the “We Will Be Heard” project.