Meet The Team

Katie Edmondson


Sofia Valentina

Associate Recruitment Consultant

Diletta Doto

Managing Director

"I used to be in the school steel band."

Deborah Hunt

Compliance Manager

"I won the Collingwood 1996 Wheelbarrow Race."

Peter Cobrin

Education and Training Consultant

"I was on University Challenge in 1979 for LSE, and we lost!"

Luke Patsalou

Recruitment Team Leader

"I am a life-long Tottenham supporter."

Isata Sangarie

Senior Recruitment Consultant

"I have a degree in Pharmacology."

Daniel Sinclair

Recruitment Consultant

"I once took 5 wickets in a school cricket game!"

Charlotte Allen

Education Resourcer and Social Media Coordinator

"I was once on Newsround after meeting the England Football Team!"