How Leadership and Management Training Can Transform School Performance

First Class Education are getting really excited about their new programme for primary and secondary schools across London and the south-east.

What’s the connection between a typical classroom on a wet Friday afternoon and the current state of the Conservative Party?

  • A sense of “let’s get this over and get out of here”
  • Feeling fed up
  • In desperate need of some inspiration
  • A lot of beneath-the-surface squabbling
  • A teacher/leader trying to maintain a sense of purpose
  • No sense of direction


In other words a failure of classroom/party management and leadership. 

Let’s be blunt.  There are some people who should never be in a position of  managment and leadership, whether it’s a political party,  classroom, a subject department or the proverbial social event in a brewery. There are many more who are in such a position, but struggle to be effective and there are those who just get it right instinctively – but even they see the wheels fly off occasionally!


We have a solution and we’re bringing it right into a classroom near you.


First Class Education has just achieved approval and accreditation as a centre for the world-renowned Chartered Management Institute, enabling us to deliver their training programmes in management and leadership:

  • Customised by our team to an educational environment
  • Designed to integrate within an education timetable
  • Fully self-paced and managed
  • Supported by expert mentors and tutors
  • Fully funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency*
  • Enabling progression to Level 7


These programmes are based on best  principles drawn from successful business and industry practice, underpinned with our own understanding and insight into the reality of school life.

Just think of how a fuller and better understanding of the following topics could enhance your day-to-day effectiveness and enhance outcomes for your learners and colleagues:

  • Information-based decision making
  • Resource management
  • Meeting stakeholders and equality needs
  • Principles of management and leadership in an organisation
  • Principles of developing, managing and leading individuals and teams to achieve success
  • Managing change
  • Managing conflict
  • Using reflective practice to inform personal and professional development


It’s a no-brainer!!!!  So to find out more, contact us at or call 0203 540 9495

* subject to eligibility