CV and careers guidance workshops

Supporting effective and smart choices for career development through our CV and careers workshop.

First Class Education are dedicated to finding solutions for schools and helping students effectively develop the skills and necessities to strive for success. Our CV and careers workshops are amongst our most popular, as they are suitable for both kids and adults. 

First Class Education work closely with employers to understand their requirements so that we can shape our career workshops with these in mind.

The skills we teach students include:

  • High level career guidance and information underpinned by developing essential decision-making skills
  • Personal development focused on developing the ideal employability mindset and employability skills
  • Intensive real-life preparation for securing the career of one’s choice including: How to prepare for job searching, High end guidance in writing a great CV that get the interview, Interview preparation skills that will help secure that offer, Intensive preparation for those first few weeks in a new career.


First Class Education believe that school students are our future and we are committed to working with and giving them as much guidance as possible in order for them to begin mapping out their careers. Our workshops provide high quality interview and careers guidance based on our real understanding of recruitment and apprenticeships. The workshops provide students with the all important preparation skills and techniques to help them build their careers and secure their dream job offer.

If you want to find out more, or want to check out more of our workshops don’t hesitate to contact us!