Art therapy workshops for staff and students

First Class Education are dedicated to finding solutions for schools and we want to ensure that mental health is a high priority, whether for staff or for students.

We offer our art therapy workshop for both staff and students alike with both sessions focusing on mental well-being. Whether it’s learning technique, or finding a way to destress after a long day or week, this workshop will allow you to explore how to be kind to your mind through art.

Art therapy workshops for staff

The mental health of staff should always be at the forefront of staff care. Mental health workshops such as art therapy can be greatly valuable and appreciated by staff, not only for their own mental health, but for staff morale.

The workshop is done through art projects to do individually, or as a team, to come together and prompt discussions to assist in anxiety, stress and mental wellbeing. During the workshop, which is normally between 1-2 hours long, we explore together simple and complex tasks that calm and centre your mind after a long day or week.

Art therapy for children 

Our art therapy workshop for children can be delivered directly to children or to staff. These workshops ensure that both teachers and kids are left with the necessary skills to express themselves through art, and the importance of expressing emotions in healthy ways.

If the workshop is delivered to staff, it will run across 1.5-2 hours where we will look at different activities and the accompanying resources for staff members to talk to kids about their feelings in a visual way as it may be difficult for them to express verbally.

If delivered directly to the kids, then we will follow a week programme of 50 min-1 hour workshops on how we can not only talk about feelings and mental health but also look at ways of coping. Subjects of interest can include: