Art Therapy for Kids Workshop at Worldwide Kids, Putney

First Class Education  will be at Worldwide Kids in Putney on the 3rd of June, to host an Art Therapy for Kids Workshop!

Our Art Therapy workshop aims to show parents and carers a range of creative activities which they can do with their children. The projects and activities which First Class Education will cover, aim to prompt children to open up and talk about their emotions and how best to manage them. Our Art Therapy workshop is interactive and our First Class Education representatives will run through the different activities, allowing both parents/carers and children to have a go at the different projects.

Here at First Class Education our inspiring and experienced childcare professionals believe that children develop vital social skills through group play. Learning is a continual process and as such cognitive and behavioural development is never the same in any 2 children. Our Art Therapy workshops are universal and aim to help all children to thrive and develop with both group activities and individual care and attention.

First Class Education look forward to meeting everyone in June at Worldwide Kids Putney!