Becoming an apprentice is a great opportunity. You will have hands-on experience in a job that pays you a salary, you train while you work and you’re treated like all other employees, with a contract of employment and holiday leave.

In order to become an apprentice, you need to spend at least 50% of your working hours in England for the duration of the apprenticeship and you are not in full-time education.

As an apprentice:

  • You get a salary and train as you work
  • You spend 20% of your time in off the job training, either at a college, university or with a
    training provider
  • You will train to be fully capable and confident in your chosen occupation
  • You’re on the career path- with nothing to stop you!

Apprenticeships can take between one to six years to complete, depending upon which course you choose. The level and your previous experience will also determine the length of the apprenticeship.

There are so many choices with apprenticeships. You could work in a large company, small company, national, international or even local. The main idea is that when you complete your apprenticeship you would have shown your ability to earn and learn, which will stand you in good stead for your future endeavours.


Available apprenticeships

FCE Apprenticeship Delivery manager role descriptions

FCE Apprenticeship Recruitment Consultant

FCE Apprenticeship Administrator and Compliance

FCE Assessor job description


To apply to any of these positions please contact us detailing your interest in the role.

 CMI Training

CMI operations/departmental manager (Level 5)

CMI team leader/supervisor (Level 3)

ILM Training

ILM Level 3 Diploma in Management (Level 3)

ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management (Level 5.)

Find out more please contact our Apprenticeship team on 02035409495